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Wax Melt Squares (Wickless Candles)

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Want to enjoy the scent of a candle but live in a place where you can't have an open flame? Try our new wax melts! Each pack comes with 6 blocks of scented soy wax.

Our Chocolate/Vanilla set is two packs for a total of 12 blocks of sweet fragranced goodness!

Got a car or an office space that could use some “freshening up?” Put a couple of blocks in a glass jar and it works like an air freshener!
Need to do some “work” but don’t have a safe space to burn a candle? Throw a pinch of herbs in these and melt them down! To order wax melts with herbs, select “Custom” option and specify the purpose of the product. :)

Please note: these do not come with a wax melter. Can be purchased separately in stores such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.


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