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Anti-Anxiety Beach Meditation (Guided Meditation Audio)

This is a short guided meditation that reminds us that nothing in this life is permanent. Encourages letting go of stress and pain and appreciating what we have. Guided imagery with ocean waves background, ends with just ocean sounds to give time for your own reflection. The ocean wave sounds were recorded in my hometown of Long Beach, NY. They have always had a healing effect on me and I hope that they bring the same benefit to you!

This is a great beginner's meditation as well. It helps you to focus on the present moment. Great for busting through stress, anxiety, heartbreak, and fear. I often do this as part of a group that meditates on the beach and my clients who come LOVE this one! (For more info on the sessions visit my website)

Run time: 8:33

I completely own the copyright to this audio file.

This is a digital file. The audio comes in .mp3 format along with a .PDF file of basic instructions for beginners on how to meditate. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the file as I am manually emailing it to you. Please allow emails from "" to be sent to you or check your Junk/Spam folder in case you do not receive it in 24 hours. Thank you!


  • Image of Anti-Anxiety Beach Meditation (Guided Meditation Audio)
  • Image of Anti-Anxiety Beach Meditation (Guided Meditation Audio)